Determine your chances of STDs in 2013 using STD Risk Calculator

Chances of getting HIV

Since opening in March 2012, STD Risk Calculator is a tremendous success, now processing many risk assessments per day. The chance calculator is a novel online application which allows users to explain both their sexual partner and also the details of their sexual encounter, so that you can get an estimate with the likelihood their partner features a particular sexually transmitted infection, along with the likelihood they've become infected. Basically, you respond to your questions plus it informs you how high your likelihood of getting STDs is dependant on what your sexual behavior was.

The chance calculator is pre-programmed with history of STD prevalence rates and transmission rates. So when one enters your individual information, it'll complete the blanks. It's highly sophisticated and runs on the complex algorithm to evaluate the chance of having an STD.

Even though risk calculator can assess the odds of getting many STDs, including HIV, Herpes (HSV1, HSV2), gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and HPV, it's been Herpes and HIV who have received the most attention on the site. “Wanting to learn my chances of having acquired herpes following a sketchy sexual encounter was crucial if you ask me,” said our user David. “The information provided by STD risk calculator closely matched my doctor’s estimate of my risk.”

In January 2013, in response to requests from users to learn more about STDs, the STD Risk Calculator website opened your blog that has begun by emphasizing the question “How are STDs transmitted?” Several blogs have provided detail about how specific factors of sexual encounter can decrease or increase risk of transmission. For example, anal intercourse includes a higher risk of HIV transmission than does oral sex.

Chances of getting HIV

To find a little more about how STDs are transmitted, or find out about your own chance of getting an STD depending on your sexual encounter, visit us free of charge by accessing STD Risk Calculator online. We have been hoping to improve awareness of libido one assessment at any given time!

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